71.4km long trail whitch through the vast pasture of ​​Kitanemuro.


To start a walking trip

Eastern part of Hokkaido is an area full of nature. Wide area is full of farmed goods, grass farm continues on forever.
Short round trip visiting scenic sites and gourmet restaurants using cars and buses are popular among many travelers.

No need to mention about the convenience of visiting scenic sites using cars and buses but aren't we depending too much on convenience and speed.

Good for both health and nature, we want you to feel HOKKAIDO by walking. Although it's a motorized society, we just hope to make a pathway only for walking.
In other countries there are many pathways only for walking in several ways, culture for walking is well grown as well. Compared to that Japan is a developing country in that field.
However HOKKAIDO is full of gentle hill and is a perfect area for walking.

Feeling exhausted in a good way, that's how people feel after walking.
Backpacking trips, staying for few days at Hot Springs and walking,
if you get tired of walking it's good to play with cows. Start walking right after arriving at the airport, looking up at the sky full of stars is good as well.
There are no rules in this walking trip, walk this pathway and find your own way.

We made this pathway called KITA-NEMURO RANCH WAY. The full length of the pathway is 71.4km(about 45miles) connecting Downtown Nakashibetsu to JR Biruwa station via the wide ranch area of KITA-NEMURO.