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Nakashibetsu - Sapporo (New Chitose) 3 flights per day 60minutes
Nakashibetsu - Tokyo (Haneda) 1 flight per day 100minutes

Memanbetsu - Sapporo (Okadama) 3 flights per day 60minutes
Memanbetsu - Sapporo (New Chitose) 5 flights per day 60minutes
Memanbetsu - Tokyo (Haneda) 5 flights per day 110minutes
Memanbetsu - Nagoya(Chubu) 1 flight per day 120minutes

Kushiro - Sapporo (New Chitose) 3 flights per day 60minutes
Kushiro - Sapporo (Okadama) 3 flights per day 60minutes
Kushiro - Tokyo (Haneda) 5 flights per day 100minutes

Bus (Midnight and Intercity)
Sapporo - Nakashibetsu (Nemuro Kotsu) 1 service per day about 8 hours
Sapporo - Kushiro (Akan Bus) 3 services per day about 6 hours
Kushiro Station - Nakashibetsu (Akan Bus)
5 services per day (weekdays) 2 services per day (weekends) 120minutes
Phone numbers
Nemuro Kotsu : 0153-24-2201
Akan Bus : 0154-37-2221

JR trains
Sapporo Station - Kushiro Station
Limited Express Super Ozora 7 services per day

Trail Sign

Information to walk

There are several trail signs guiding you the way.
Shapes and arrows may differ, but the colors are unified to deep red. However don't forget to bring a map with you.

Man Path

There are many man-path, which is a gate separating grass farm and rangeland between Kaiyo-dai and restaurant Bokusha.
It is a gate only humans can walk through, no animals, use your head and go through the gate.


Transport Service

For example if you want to walk from Kaiyo-dai (point A) to Yoroshi Onsen.

Please order the transportation service and check the meeting point (parking space) at Yoroshi Onsen (point B) and park your car. Please get on the taxi and move to Kaiyo-dai (point A) to start trekking towards Yoroshi Onsen (point B) For further information regarding this transportation service please call
Hokuto - Hire Phone 0153-72-1222 (open from 7:00AM)

A B Taxi farea (yen)
Under 9 person Under 4 person
Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal
Nakashibetsu Airport
Kaiyo-dai 3800 3000
restaurant Bokusha 4000 3200
Yoroshi Onsen 7000 5500
mountain lodge of Nishibetsu-Dake 12000 10000
Masyu-Ko Daiichi Tenbo-Dai (Observation deck)
and Biruwa Station
16000 13000
Kaiyo-dai restaurant Bokusha 3500 2800
Yoroshi Onsen 6500 5000
mountain lodge of Nishibetsu-Dake 10000 8000
Masyu-Ko Daiichi Tenbo-Dai (Observation deck)
and Biruwa Station
15000 12000
restaurant Bokusha Yoroshi Onsen 3500 2800
mountain lodge of Nishibetsu-Dake 8000 6000
Masyu-Ko Daiichi Tenbo-Dai (Observation deck)
and Biruwa Station
12000 10000
Yoroshi Onsen mountain lodge of Nishibetsu-Dake 8000 6000
Masyu-Ko Daiichi Tenbo-Dai (Observation deck)
and Biruwa Station
12000 10000
mountain lodge of Nishibetsu-Dake Masyu-Ko Daiichi Tenbo-Dai (Observation deck)
and Biruwa Station
12000 10000

How to walk (pdf)

To enjoy trekking safely

1. Prepare yourself as if you are climbing a mountain

KITA-NEMURO RANCH WAY consists of rather gentle hills of KONSEN PLATEAU and Nishibetsu- Dake areas, and the mountain trail around Masyu-Ko (Lake Masyu) Mountain trail is about 800meters (2600feet) above sea level, so please prepare yourself as if you are climbing a mountain.
Please take risks at your own The minimum equipment required is as follows,
Trekking shoes, Rain gear, Food (emergency food too), Drinks, Route map, First - Aid kit, Mobile - Phone, Backup battery

2. Please carry a route map (available free) with you while trekking.

Route map (available free) is available on the relay point of each stage, and the RANCH WAY office.
For safety trekking, please collect information before you make your trip.

Route map Download
Route map Stage1/2 Route map Stage3/4 Route map Stage5/6

3. Please take a guided walk

We recommend you to take a guided walk if you are participating KITA-NEMURO RANCH WAY for the first time. Not only for safety reasons, but you will learn about the nature and culture of this area to enjoy trekking safely.
For further information regarding this guided walk please call KITA-NEMURO RANCH WAY OFFICE Phone 0153-73-7151, 0153-73-7107 (Saeki)


Recommended route

Suggested 2days Plan (39.8km in 2days)

DAY1/JR Biruwa Station to Nishibetsu - Dake mountain lodge

Walking in the morning chill forest for about 2hours and 15minutes you will reach Masyu-Ko Daiichi Tenbo-Dai (Observation deck of Lake Masyu). There are restroom and newsstand, so you can have a break. The trail surrounding the lake is crowded with mountain climbers heading towards Masyu-Dake and Nishibetsu-Dake It is a shallow slope until the branch of Masyu-Dake, and you can enjoy the scene of the lake and hill. From the branch it`s about a 45 minute walk to the top of Nishibetsu-Dake. After that you will go down a steep slope towards Nishibetsu-Dake mountain lodge.

Walking distance 17.5km (about 11miles) Difference of elevation 650meters (about 2100feet) Approximate time required 6 to 7 hours without resting.

If you still have time and power left, make a round trip between Masyu-Dake. It`s about an hour trip.
You are requested to stay at a lodge in Biruwa the previous day. Access to Biruwa Station from Sapporo Station, take the limited express train Super Ozora to Kushiro Station and transfer to Senmou-Honsen (local train) to Biruwa Station.
Please contact in advance for transportation service between Nishibetsu-Dake mountain lodge and Yoroshi Onsen.

DAY2/Yoroshi Onsen to Kaiyo-Dai

Walk slowly down the ranch, and dairyland. Trail condition may differ upon the operating condition of the ranch such as cutting grasses, so please check the latest information before you leave. Today walk 9.2km (about 6miles) in the morning, and take a lunch at Restaurant Bokusha. After lunch head towards Kaiyo-Dai, and feel the roundness of our planet Earth.

Walking distance 19.3km (about 12miles) Difference of elevation 90meters (about 300feet) Approximate time required 5 to 6 hours without resting

If you need a transportation service (Kaiyo-Dai to Nakashibetsu Airport or Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal) please request in advance. ( If you are returning back today, Nakashibetsu-Sapporo flight or the midnight bus from Nakashibetsu Bus Terminal to Sapporo is convenient.)

How to walk (pdf)